“Tokyo Ink is a quality manufacturer of specialty chemicals including printing inks, color and additive concentrates and compounds.
Our products add color and performance to many things you see in everyday life such as packaging materials, automobiles, consumer electronics, boats, bath tubs, construction, civil engineering and agricultural materials. Our cutting edge material formulation techniques and process technologies offer customers the best solutions for making their products even better.”

Color Product

Our colorants are used in plastics found in all sectors that have been seen in daily life, such as automobiles, consumer electronics, containers, film, etc.
We also provide masterbatches (MB), Compound, dry color blends, as well as colorants adapted to molding conditions.

Functional additives

While plastic has many advantages such as lightness and mold ability, it also has disadvantages such as degradability due to UV rays, and is easily combustible and electric-chargeable. We provide functional additives to counter such disadvantages. Adding functional additives while molding enables various kinds of functions to be added such as weather resistance, flame retardance, and electric-conductivity, and our products are also used in some out-of-sight places not connected with color.

Cleaning Masterbatch

Our Cleaning masterbatch “Short Purge” help you cleaning screw immediately. High performance, Save cost and Save time.

CHO CHO Smart packaging

Cho Cho Smart Packaging is our developed products. We have various functions for plastic packaging. Anti Bacterial Bag, Freshness Retention Bag, Deodorant Bag, etc.

TICT Activities